Trends in Micro Apartments

Today we will talk about apartments. More specifically, we will talk about the ones that do not fit the usual standards. Because micro apartments are a major trend, which is worth paying attention to.

Measuring approximately 20-40 square meters, they take up limited space, while still offering everything needed for a regular living. 

What does a micro apartment consist of?

A micro apartment is usually a one-room living space for one resident, which accommodates a kitchenette, bathroom, and sleeping area. The kitchenette is often equipped with smaller appliances and alternative energy sources are often sought. An interesting type of micro apartments are those on wheels, that can change their location to the owner’s wish.

Part of the secondary functions – rest and pleasure, are often a part of the building’s shared spaces. Common areas, where various activities and socialization are fostered, can be built around this type of living spaces. Micro apartments have access to shared kitchens, yards, and roof gardens. In many cases such buildings provide fitness and spa centres. This way, the living room is not a limited space anymore, it’s the whole building.


What else makes them the preferred choice?

A number of advantages, combined with the central areas, where micro apartments are usually located, compensate for their small size. An interesting fact is that 82% of micro apartments’ residents did not initially look exactly for this. But weighing the pros and cons tilted the scales in this direction. 

Some of the aspects that make micro apartments appealing to the tenants, who would like to live alone, are:

  • Short distance to the workplace;
  • Between 20 and 30% lower rent;
  • The ability to live at a more attractive central location. The micro apartment turns into a place to accommodate the need for sleep, while the city becomes your backyard;
  • The discovery of a suitable place in the big city turns out to be a real challenge. It becomes even harder when you have to take into consideration another person’s preferences or everyday habits. By choosing a micro apartment, you eliminate the need of sharing your housing with others

What are their distinctive features?

Small apartments require a carefully developed design, which creates the feeling for a larger space. We can sometimes see higher ceilings and more windows, that visually expand the apartment. Another approach to the design is adding layers to the floor, also working with the height of the living space.

It’s worth pointing out that a large space is unnecessary if it does not function well. This is why micro apartment get everything exactly right by combining comfort and activities optimization.

Their most distinctive characteristic – efficiency, is achieved through an open plan, combining flexibility and the ability to transform areas and furniture. Multifunctional furnishing, designed specifically for micro apartments, includes convertible seating furniture and folding and extendable tables. In some cases, a key element are beds that come down from the wall when needed and stay hidden in the wall during the rest if the time. 

Storage “slides” mainly on the walls and over/ under furniture, as all high areas are utilized and a number of smart mechanisms ensure space optimization. Choosing a micro apartment, however, suggests a particular lifestyle. It encourages its resident to have less belongings, generate less waste and shop responsibly.

We will tell you about which people choose this type of housing in the next article.